Globex for Trading is the biggest producer of frozen foods in Egypt

Our mission in the market: to provide customers with exclusively natural products as they go through multiple quality control stations. Globex for Trading checks every stage of production and delivery starting with  planting material and ending with our after-sales service for all our customers.


IQF freezing methodology keeping natural sweet taste and good strong smell, sizes are  25-55 or 15-35 mm. Non GMO certified. Packed in 10 kg boxes.


Pure white color flowers, size 40-60 mm, washed and processed with glazing. Non GMO certified. Packed in 30 kg polybags or 10 kg boxes


Dark green color flowers, size 40-60 mm, washed and processed with glazing according to the best practice. Non GMO certified. Packed in 8 kg boxes

Green beans

Green color, size 20-40 mm. Fully comply with the European food safety, non GMO certified. Packed in 30 kg polybags or 10 kg boxes.

100% secure transport package

We are ready to meet any and all needs of our customers packaging requirements (from bulk to fully branded packaging).

Our Dignity


Globex is a group of highly professional and experienced team who built the company in new professional concepts and values based on a wide international experience.

Our unique experience

Expirience in this field made us very precise on the end product and how it should reach our customers.

Globex Team

Our team is always dedicated to each and every single customer in order to meet his expectation and satisfaction.


Partnership with our customers is our style in doing business, not an ad-hoc commercial transactions.


Quality is our main objective. Our mission is based on providing a high quality products for all over the globe capitalizing on the best practice in export methodologies.

We deliver

We deliver a steady supply of high quality products to our customers allover the world.