About company Globex Trading


Our Mission & Values

The company's development strategy is based on increasing production volumes to meet the needs on the East European market, where consumption potential is particularly high. This segment is actively developing due to increased demand for frozen products with high quality. Frozen vegetables, fruits and berries have lots of advantages, they retain the original appearance and taste, they don't lose their nutritional composition or energy value. Globex for Trading has something to offer to both the individual consumers as well as catering establishments.

Our mission is:

“ Our mission is to provide customers with exclusively natural products as they go through multiple quality control stations. Globex for Trading checks every stage of production and delivery starting with planting material and ending at our after-sales service for all our customers”

We abide by our core values:

Globex's working environment is based on fundamental values, that each and every member of Globex's team members work by:

  • Commitment: Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • Respect: We care about our image in the same manner we do about our products.
  • Motivation: It is our responsibility not only to please our customers but also earn the acceptance of their customers as well.
  • Reliability: It is a must to commit our quality standards.

Our team


Globex team comprises a group of professionals who know exactly how to produce high-quality product in an environmentally friendly manner. Our experts directly participate in the process of growing and preserving from beginning till the end, making sure that every process is flawlessly controlled.

Each member of Globex team has a high level of qualification, and a paramount level of experience and expertise.

The main goal of Globex is to earn the  trust of our customers, to develop and advance in our field by means introduce new technologies and strategies to improve and optimize our production process.

Our Events

We are attending the annual international exhibitions World Food and ProdExpo in Moscow (Russian Federation)